Sunday, November 21, 2010


The lady who invited me to participate in the craft fair emailed me yesterday (it's 12:47am) letting me know about how the state is cracking down on craft fair vendors and businesses who don't have GE tax licenses and the proper documents. GREAT! >_<
She doesn't think they're gonna come and check out this one since it's so small, but I know I should get it anyway. I'm gonna go down to the office and fill out an application. Hopefully they can process it right away. =/ If they can't, I'm gonna have to pull out of the craft fair. So....fingers crossed! >_<

Tomorrow is Sunday. Church. Yay. =)

I think I'm gonna go to BF and buy emulsion sheets for my YuDu. My first time failed because it didn't fully dry on the screen. =/ It takes more than 20 minutes like the direction says. It could take up to 45 minutes to and hour like some tutorials online says. Blah.... $22.00 for two sheets. Then $5.99 for blank shirts. Sooo expensive! >_<


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