Saturday, April 30, 2011

Zoo & Shave Ice

Today was a nice day and the kids wanted to go to the Zoo.

After the zoo, we went and got some Waiola Shave Ice to cool us off. Yum! :)

♥ Ciao,

Thursday, April 28, 2011


3 fractures.

Purple cast.

For 3 weeks.

And she's still her same bubbly self. >_<

♥ Ciao,

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Ughh... >_<"

Last night Mimi came home from daddy's house with a hurt foot. He said she fell at the bouncy place at Pearlridge.
He wasn't even there when it happened. She went with his parents and sister. So that got me pissed off. >_<"

Anyway, it was swollen and she didn't want to stand or walk on it. So, this morning we took her to the doctor. She said it wasn't a sprain and it was probably a fracture.

She sent us to Pali Momi to get take a few xrays. The office called us back, and yup, it's fractured. >_<"

We have an appointment with an orthoperdic doctor tomorrow afternoon.

For today we are just icing and elevating her foot and making sure she stays off of it.

My poor baby..... :(

♥ Ciao,

Monday, April 25, 2011


How was everyone's weekend?

Did you spend time with family? Go to church? Eat a lot of yummy food? Hunt for eggs? Color eggs?

All of the above? :)

Today Mimi and I helped my mom and sis at the shop. Then we picked up my grandpa and went to visit my nana(grandma). My mom takes him every monday. Then we went to the mall to eat lunch.

They have a little train that goes around the mall and Mimi actually went by herself. She doesn't usually like to do that sort of thing, but she did. Probably because mommy was walking behind the train. lol! :P

We also went to the post office and then to the NEX. Bought some cute felt embelishments, stamps, alphabet/number tablets for Mimi to practice writing, and a cute Spottie Dottie coin purse. :)

Oh, I also got to sew something today.

I made a small reversible drawstring bag.! :P

♥ Ciao,

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter


Today was Bub's last game. He did really good. They won! 5-4! Good Job, Black Tigers! :D

After the game we had a potluck and the boys got medals and trophies. :)

Tonight we had our monthly family dinner and did Easter stuff for the kids. They colored eggs and had an easter egg hunt with plastic eggs. They had fun. :)

Tomorrow is church. I am dancing hula and the kids are gonna have a little easter egg hunt. Mimi is gonna say her scripture she's learned in front of everyone. (John 3:16) She's super excited about that. lol! Can't wait. :)


♥ Ciao,

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ross Stores

I LOVE shopping at ROSS. ^_^

Who doesn't right? Well, if you don't........get with it!
Haha.....just kidding. :P

But seriously, it is a great store. You can buy more for less.

I went last week and I bought these....

Tulip Fabric Glitter/Gellies Paints - $2.99 for each set.

(compared to $9.99)

Paper Punch - $3.99
(compared to $14.99)

I also got a cute basket/bin (you can see it in the pictures above) to store some of my stuff ($3.99) and a set of 3 - 8"x10" artist canvas for $4.99. The kids and I are gonna draw/paint each one so I can hang them above my computer/sewing desk. Some personal art that will add a nice touch to the room. :)

♥ Ciao,

Monday, April 18, 2011

Must See...

Soul Surfer

Based on a true and inspiring story of Bethany Hamilton.

I just went to see this with my mom and my sister. If you haven't gone to see it yet, go.

Awesome movie.

Plus, it was filmed in Hawaii (Oahu). ;)


I finally sent my package of handmade goodies (clothes/softies) to NZ today. :)

A few more things I made...

A Boy Tee and Shorts Set.

A Girl Tee and Shorts Set.

Softies (Plus 2 more bears not pictured).

They will be sending it to the Fukudamachi Kindergarten in Japan. The items will be distributed to the kids that lost everything in earthquake and tsunami.

They should get it by early next week. I hope. :)

God Bless!

♥ Ciao,

Sunday, April 17, 2011

April Giveaway Winner!!

April Giveaway Winner!

You will win....

- Mini Poochie Bag
- Tissue Cozie
- Button Ring

The winner of the April Giveaway is.......

Unfounded Hope!!!!

Congratulations!! :D

Please send me your name and address!

Thank You for those who participated! Stay tuned for the next giveaway! :)

♥ Ciao,

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Soccer Saturday

The Black Tigers had their first lost today. 2 - 1.

That's ok. They played a good game. Next week is their LAST game. Boooooo! >_<"

I guess it's time to look for another sport Bub can participate in.

As for Mimi, she wants to take ballet. I've been looking online for ballet classes, but they all seem more professional and expensive. I just want her to join for fun. Test the waters, and see if she actually likes it. I mean, she's almost 3 1/2 and i'm not sure how her attention span will be in class and I don't want to spend a lot of money if she doesn't like it.

After the soccer game, the kids and I went to Ross and Toys R Us. Bought them each a DS game and then we went to Ice Garden for some shave ice.

It's been sooo hot and humid this past week. The shave ice was just what we needed to cool down a bit. Well, and because mommy was craving a #7....LOL! ^_^

Ice Garden #7.

Bub & Mimi @ Ice Garden.

Have a great weekend! :)

♥ Ciao,

Friday, April 15, 2011

Spring Top Sew Along 2011

Made by Rae is hosting her Spring Top Sewalong. All tops must be sewn by YOU and for YOU. This sound like soo much fun! I'm always sewing things for everyone else, so now I have the chance to make something for ME. :D

Click the photo below to see a more detailed description.

Have Fun! :)

♥ Ciao,

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Ready to go! :)

I am happy to be particiating in the Fukudamachi Kindergarten Project.

Details HERE.

We are basically sending care packages of handmade clothing/toys that will be distributed to the children in need. (Those who lost their homes, clothing and basic necessities because of the earthquake and tsunami.)

I have my handmade clothing all packed and ready to go! :)

Dresses & Shorts (plus 3 other shorts not pictured)

Mimi moeling the dress :)

Fleece Beanies

Arm Warmers

I wish I could send more, but shipping from hawaii is expensive. >_<

If you want to help, please go to the link above. Items must be received by April 27! :)

God Bless!

♥ Ciao,

Monday, April 11, 2011

Japan Disaster Relief - Fukudamachi Kindergarten - Can you Help?

Calling all sewing lovers!!!

I saw this on one of my favortie blogs and decided to share it with you guys.

Go on over to Stichbird in New Zealand and see what you can do to help.

They need handmade Clothes and Toys. Clothes more than toys though.

ALL Items need to be received by April 27th!!!

Japan Disaster Relief - Fukudamachi Kindergarten - Can you Help?

♥ Ciao,

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Mommy Needs a Break >_<" I went to Ben Franklin (craft store). I wanted to go look for a few things. They were having a "Kokua Sale-abration" today. It was 20% off your total purchase. They were donation a portion of their sales to the Japanese Red Cross Society to aid Japan in their recovery efforts. I saved about $7. :)

Anyway, I had the kids with me and they were driving me nuts. >_<"
Running around in the store, touching things, not listening at all.

Ugghh! Mommy seriously needs a break!

Good thing daddy is off tomorrow. He is gonna take the kids after church.
Mommy gets to relax for a little bit.

♥ Ciao,

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Soccer on Wednesday

Bub's soccer game got rescheduled for today at 5pm. They are using the field on saturday for an easter egg hunt thing.

They did ok today. The game ended up being tied. 2 - 2. Good Job, Black Tigers! :)

This was the first and probably ONLY game that daddy got to see. He works on saturdays so he misses Bub's games. He takes him to practice if he's off on that day, but it's not the same. The games are more exciting! lol! :P

♥ Ciao,

Monday, April 4, 2011

April Giveaway!! ^_^

April is here! Time for another Giveaway!! :D

For this Giveaway you will win.....

- Mini Poochie Bag
- Tissue Cozie
- Button Ring

"Mini Poochie Bag" (measures 6 1/4" x 7")

"Tissue Cozie"

"Button Ring" (adjustable)

To Enter:

1) Be a "FOLLOWER" of my Blog.

2) "LIKE" Sweet Mimi Designs on Facebook

3) Leave a comment sharing if you and your family celebrate Easter, and what you do.

Super Easy. :)

Giveaway Ends on April 16, 2011 @ Midnight (hawaii time)!!!


♥ Ciao,