Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Fishies & Starbucks

Yesterday Mimi and I went to Ala Moana.
We were on the hunt for the perfect birthday present for daddy.
We went to a couple of stores and finally got it.

And what's a trip to Ala Moana without stopping to look
at the koi fishes. :)

Pretty, aren't they?

It was a pretty gloomy day, so I didn't want to stay
at the mall for that long.
After the fishes we stopped at Starbucks and got a couple
drinks before heading home. :)

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Loving Stripes - OOTD

I love stripes.
Like seriously....there are a lot of items in my closet with stripes. lol!

Anyway, today I dressed everyone in stripes for church.
Different colors and type of stripes, but I thought we looked cute.
Kinda sorta matching. Hehehe... :P

Jeans: Ross $12.99
Tank: F21 $5.80
Cardigan: Ross $7.99
Belt: Thrifted $2.99
Flats: Thrifted Michael Korrs $14.99

Total Cost of Outfit: $44.76

Dress: Thrifted $2.00
Cardigan: Thrifted Gap $3.99
Leapord Flats: Thrifted $4.99

Total Cost of Outfit: $10.98

Fedora: Walmart $5.99
Sweater/Shirt: Ross (on sale) $3.49
Jeans: Ross (on sale) $3.99
Shoes: Thrifted Puma $9.99

Total Cost of Outfit: $23.46

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Maxi Dress Refashion

So, I've had this tube top maxi dress for awhile.
I've seen a few DIY videos online for making a "asymetrical/fish tail/waterfall"
skirt or dress, and I thought I'd give it a try.

I liked this as a maxi dress, but I thought it would look sooo much
cuter as a "asymetrical/fish tail/waterfall" type of dress.
Seriously, what is this style called?? Different people call
this style different things, so I'm not too sure.

Anyway, this dress is made from soft jersey knit fabric,
so I just cut it and left it. I didn't hem it or anything because
I'm pretty sure that it will not fray or anything.

This time I took a BEFORE picture!! Yay! LOL!
And here is the AFTER:

I added the belt for a bit more shape.
I love how it turned out. :)

Photo Challenge - Black and White

The Paper Mama Photo Challenge -
Black and White.

Who doesn't love a good swing? :)

Friday, February 24, 2012

My Weight Loss Journey

Hey all! :)

I decided to post a little something about my weight loss journey.

I started in November of last year.
I'm not on a really strict diet or anything. Just trying to make better
and healthier choices. I have cut out white rice and soda from my diet.

For working out I started doing a little Zumba, the swiched to Jillian Michaels
30 Day Shred. I really love that workout. It's only about 20 minutes
and you get a really good workout.

However, the kids scratched up my 30 day shred dvd the other day, so I went
and bought Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30 workout dvd.
I started today and it kicked my butt! But I love her workouts.

For my height (4'11") I'm considered obese. My BMI was 34.9.
When I first started, I wasn't really consistant with working out, so I
didn't really lose as much weight as I hoped.
But now I'm really determined to stick to my diet and excercise routine. :)

Starting Weight: 173 lbs.
Current Weight: 164.4 lbs.
Goal Weight: 125 lbs.

So far I've lost about 8.6 4 months. =/
I'm happy I lost some weight, but I have a long way to go.

LilySlim Weight loss tickers

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Chip and Dale

We went to the thrift store earlier this week and Mimi
saw these silky Chip and Dale pajama bottoms.
She was like,"Ooh, mommy! Chipmunks! I want that!"
At first I didn't want to get it. It was a women's pajamas.
But then I was like, I could soooo refashion that into something she could wear. :P
So.....I bought it.

I always forget to take a BEFORE picture whenever I
upcycle/refashion something. But here is the final product. I turned the
shorts into a "pillowcase" style type of top.
I kept the bottom hem so I didn't need to create a new one,
and I used this soft headband elastic for the strap.
I think it turned out pretty cute. :)

Oh! I also made this jewelry organizer the other day
using a picture frame and corkboard.
I love it. :)
Simple and Awesome. :)

Monday, February 20, 2012

Shop 'til you drop

Today I did some major thrift shopping.
There was a 50% off everything sale at Savers today.
I had to take both kids with me, and all I can say is.....Yippie. =/
Good thing mommy packed snacks and juice pouches in her purse. lol!

I went to two different Savers.
It was super crazy in there! Tons of people and a line that wrapped
around the whole store.
But, I did get a bunch of nice things for myself as well as the kids.

It was mostly clothing items, but I did find this Campbells Mug.
I saw it and I was like, I soooo need to get that!

Cute right? :)

Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Secret World of Arrietty

After church, we took the kids to see a Studio Ghibli film,
"The Secret World of Arrietty". It is based on the award winning
novel, "The Borrowers".

I thought it was okay. It's not something that I would
want to watch again and again.

Personally, I think "Ponyo" and "My Neighbor Totoro"
were a lot better. The kids seemed to like it though. :)

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Picnic at the park

Today I took the kids to the park.
When we left the house the weather seemed ok.
It was cloudy towards the moutain, but where the park is
it was sunny with blue skies.

When we got to the park it was really windy.
We managed to eat our lunch and the kids got to ride their scooters
for a little bit, but then those dark clouds came and it started to rain. =/

I didn't get a chance to take any pictures today.

Anyway tonight was game night.
I got this Pokemon Monopoly game from the thrift store this
past week for $2.99. Who could pass that up?
It had all the cards and these cute Pokemon character pieces.
The kids love Pokemon, so I thought this was a steal. :)
Isn't the little Pikachu cute? Hehe...

Thursday, February 16, 2012

January/February Thrift Haul

Hi there! :)

I love love love thrifting. Who doesn't?

Here are some things I got so far this year.
I'm sorry that there are no pictures of the clothes on actually people, lol!
I'm working on that. Kinda hard when I don't really have anyone
to takes pictures of me. I may invest in a tripod? Hmm....maybe. lol!

Most of the things I get are from Savers. But, there are a couple
things from Goodwill.

Anyway, on to the clothes....

I love thrifting for myself, as well as for my kids.
Here are some things I got for them.

Gap Navy/White Cardigan: $3.99 - Mossimo Jean Button Down: $1.99
H&M Red/White Polka Dot Dress: $3.99 - Girl2Girl Peach Bow Romper: $4.99
Volcom Button Down: $2.00 - Black Button Down: $2.00

And a bunch of things for me. :)

Covington Black/Peach Floral Top: $5.99 - Forever21 Cheetah Print Top: $5.99
Covington Silk Peach Top: $6.99 - New York & Company Button Down: $5.99
Seridan Square Sheer Pleated Top: $7.99 - Mossimo Sheer Blue Top: $6.99
Notations Baby Pink Top: $6.99 - Ashley Maroon "Jacket": $5.99
Everly Grey Tank: $4.99 - Merona Light Purple Button Down: $6.99

And shoes.....You can't forget about the shoes! lol!

Dollhouse Wedges: $3.00

Fioni Peek Toe Sling Backs: $5.99

Michael Kors White Flats: $14.99

I've been really into the sheer or silk tops and pastels,
which is perfect for this coming spring and summer! :)

I see lots of people who post their thrifty finds on blogs or on youtube
and it seems that the mainland thrift stores are kinda cheaper then the
ones here in Hawaii. They find amazing things for a dollar? Seriously? lol.
That's okay though. The stuff is still pretty cheap compared
to what they would be in actual retail stores.
So I'm happy. :)


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

January Sewing and Refashion

I didn't post any of the things I refashioned (upcycled) and sewn last month.
Just thought I'd share them with you now. :)

Refashioned my old sweater for Mimi. Added Lace in the front.

I bought this muumuu from savers and knew I wanted to make it into a top for myself.
I saved the bottom and made a halter dress for Mimi. :)
(Sorry no before pic.)

Now for sewing...
I made this henley inspired shirt for Mimi.
Love the little bow in the back.

Here is a simple tank I made with a polka dot pocket.
Love it.

And some yoga pants.

And last but not least, this cordoroy vest and shorts.

I haven't sewn anything in a couple of weeks, and I'm itching to make something.
Hmm.....what can I sew? What can I refashion? ;)