Monday, February 28, 2011

{Made by Me} Monday

[Made by Me] Monday - Mini Notebooks

Bub and Mimi are always asking for paper to draw on, so I decided to make mini notebooks for them.

I just cut white printer paper and cardstock and stapled them together. Each one has 12 pages. I wanted to add a little cuteness to it, so I used my handcarved stamps on the cover. They can color it in or leave it blank.

Fast. Easy. Simple. :)

♥ Ciao,

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Go Black Tigers!!

Today was Bub's first soccer game. He did really good. He didn't score any goals, but his team won.
4 - 1. Whoohoo! :D

Finally made it to the post office today. Sent out a bunch of tag and swaps for SB. :)

I also received a few things in the mail today.
Including this guy. Isn't he cute? >_<

♥ Ciao,

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Mystery Giveaway

**The Giveaway is now CLOSED!!! The winner will be announced sometime tomorrow!! :D**

So...i've been addicted to making handcarved stamps (in the past 4 days >_<) and decided to have a Mystery Giveaway!! :P

For this mystery giveaway you will win:

- 1 Small Handcarved Stamp made by me (your choice)

- 1 Fabirc Fat Quarter in your favorite color

- 2 Fabric Button Magnets (size: 7/8")

This is such a fun giveaway because you don't know what to expect!

**This Giveaway ENDS March 4th @ Midnight!!**

PLEASE Read Carefully!

To ENTER you must:

1.) "LIKE" me on facebook

2.) Become a Follower on my Blog

3.) Leave a comment listing at least 3 ideas on what kind of stamp you want AND your FAVORITE COLOR.

Out of your 3 choices, I will choose which one you will win. ;)

GOOD LUCK!!!! :)

♥ Ciao,

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hump Day.

Today was another free day. Mimi went with daddy, and I had time to myself. :)

I made a few more handcarved stamps and started packaging up a couple swaps for swap-bot.

Went to bible study tonight. Dad picked me up because I didn't want to drive.
It was a good bible study. Small group tonight, but that's ok. :)

Lots of thunder & lightning tonight. Hate it. >_<"

Oh, I can't wait til saturday! Bub has his first soccer game! :D
He's gonna look so cute in his uniform!

Anyway, i'm not really tired.
Hmm...another handcarved stamp before I go to bed? Hehe...

♥ Ciao,

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Nothing to do tuesday...

Today was kinda boring. Mimi went and spent the day with daddy, so I had a free day.
Didn't do much though. >_< Let's see.........I got to watch yesterday's episode of Pretty Little Liars and Hawaii 5-0. lol! :P
Cleaned the kitchen. Didn't get to the livingroom though.....i'll save that for tomorrow.

I wanted to do a little sewing, but the creative juices weren't flowing. lol!
I did however end up cutting and serging my sisters curtains tonight because they were too long for her liking.
I've been stuck in a sewing rut lately. Trying to think of NEW things to make/create.
Any ideas?? ;)

♥ Ciao,

Monday, February 21, 2011

{Made by Me} Monday

{Made by Me] Monday - Handcarved Stamps

I've tried handcarving stamps before, but they never really worked out.

I got a swap-bot package in the mail from a a very nice lady and in it she included this Owl handcarved stamp. :)

I was inspired so I decided to go searching for my carving tools and give it another shot. ;)

This is what I came up with..... A Nori Musubi & Me. :P

KAWAII!!! ^___^

I LOVE how they came out! I can't wait to make more! Hehehe...

♥ Ciao,

Sunday, February 20, 2011


Went to church this morning. Awesome service about compassion.
If you have compassion, you must "show" compassion. It is an action.

After church we had BK for lunch. Didn't really do anything today.
The kids played outside for a bit, then our little cousin came over (sis had to babysit her) so the kids had fun playing together. Making plenty noise while mommy was taking a nap. >_<

After dinner my sister and I took the kids to Wally World & to eat frozen yogurt at Tutti Frutti. Yum. :)

It's late. Gotta get the kids to bed.
Hopefully they knock out so mommy can do a little sewing.... ;)

♥ Ciao,

Saturday, February 19, 2011

cleaning mode/family dinner

I had to babysit this morning, so the kiddos got to play with their cousin.
The day was spent doing laundry, cleaning the house and watching the kids mess it up. >_<"
Aunty came to pick my little cousin up around 1ish, so I had a little free time while the kids watched some tv.

Tonight we had family dinner at my Bachan's house in kaneohe. We have one once a month.
It's nice to come together and spend time with family we don't get to see that often.
The kids sure had fun. One of my cousin came back from the mainland and she has 3 boys, so Bub had a lot of fun playing with them since the other cousins he has are mostly girls. :P

Anyway, the weather has been sucky here in hawaii. So hot and humid. >_<"
The vog is making my sinuses act up. Ughh..... Junk!
Hopefully it will go away soon.

No good pics for this post..... :(

♥ Ciao,

Thursday, February 17, 2011


So, I finally got my Yudu working. I was having a little trouble when I first got it because the emulsion wasn't completely dry before I burnt my image and when I went to rinse it out, the emulsion started coming off.
So if you are trying this for the first time, make sure the emulsion is completely dry. (when you peel of the clear backing, it should come off really easy and I reccommend drying it again.)

If you love screenprinting, invest in a Yudu machine.
It is easy and soo much fun! :)

Here is one of the final products.

Sweet Mimi Designs

♥ Ciao,

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Just another day...

Stayed home with Mimi. Did a load of laundry.
Then went to the post office to send out a bunch of swaps and tags for Swap-bot.

Came home then got ready to go to Cody's soccer practice. He is getting better at controlling the ball but still needs to work on focusing. :P

After practice finished, daddy agreed to watch Mimi so I could go to bible study.

It was a good day. :)

Bub is on the right.

♥ Ciao,

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Yudu & a Sick Baby

Today was spent screenprinting and taking care of Mimi.
She got medicine for her cough and needed to be put on her nebulizer.
I think it's all this vog that's making her asthma act up. It's taking a toll on me too. =/

My poor baby... =(

♥ Ciao,

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day/Soccer Mom?

I had a nice valentine's day. I got an unexpected surprise from Mr. G in the morning, stopped at Ben Franklin, took Mimi to her doctors appointment, picked up her medicine, went to eat lunch at Genki in waikele, did a little shopping, took Cody to his eye doctors, then went to his soccer practice. It was a busy day, but wonderful. :)

This is Cody's first year playing soccer. He loves it. :)
He enjoys playing with the other boys on his team, but he needs to work on focusing. The other boys played last year, so he is the only new one on his team. Oh btw, their team is the "Black Tigers". They chose it. Hehehe... ;)

I can't wait til they have their first game. >_<
I'm so excited. He's gonna look so cute in his uniform! LOL!

My son is in the middle. :)

Go Black Tigers! :D

♥ Ciao,

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Toilet Paper Rolls :)

This has been our craft this week.
Upcycling our toilet paper rolls into dolls. :P

We used markers, stickers, glitter and even fabric scraps to dress them up and make them look pretty. Then glued popcicle sticks on the bottom. ;)

I think they came out pretty good. lol.

We have a couple "dolls" and "fairy dolls". Hehehe...

&hearts Ciao,