Sunday, December 11, 2011

Day 11

This year I am doing the Advent Calendar with the kids.
I've seen other bloggers who do it every year and I thought it would be fun to try it.

Today was, Day 11 - Picnic at the park.

So after church we bought lunch and headed to the park.
It was super windy so we didn't stay too long.
Bub got to ride his razor scooter for a little bit.

The kids love the Adevent Calendar. Mimi gets a little too excited and grabs
any number off of it, so I have to make sure she grabs the right one. lol.

Days so far:
Day 1 - Draw a picture of a Santa
Day 2 - Game night
Day 3 - Celebrate Mimi's Birthday
Day 4 - Have a sweet treat
Day 5 - Do a Christmas craft
Day 6 - Stickers!
Day 7 - Play with play doh
Day 8 - Cocoa Night
Day 9 - Do a Christmas craft
Day 10 - PJ party/Kid's pick movie night
Day 11 - Picnic at the park


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