Monday, May 28, 2012

Thrift Haul :)

Yay! Thrift Haul! :)
Today it was 50% off at Savers and I thought I'd check it out.
It didn't seem too crowded, but the line was super long!
We did find a bunch of things though. :)

For Me:
F21 Black Tank: $2.00
Zenana Yellow Tank: $2.00
American Eagle POlka Dot Cami: $2.00
Cotton Paradise Bag: $3.00
Madden Girl Wedges: $3.00
DBDK Fashion Wedges: $4.00

For Mimi:
Floral Leggings: $1.50
Children's Place Pink Jeans: $3.00
Gap Khaki Pants: $3.00
Carter's Cordaroy Dress: $3.00
Gap Polka Dot Cardigan: $3.00
Levi Jean Jacket: $2.00

For Bub:
Quicksilver Colar Shirt: $4.00
Beverly Hills Polo Club Colar Shirt: $3.00
Ralph Lauren Long Sleeve Button Down: $2.00

Items: 15
Total: $40.50


1 comment:

  1. Wow Amber...i am speechless at your thrift haul. You have got some really great bargains...the wedges looks so on trend. And the kids clothes are fabulous. Judging by the big smile your gal's face..she must be so proud of momma's haul