Saturday, January 15, 2011


So.....I've been slackin' here on the blog. =/

This week has been exciting. LOL! >_<"

I sprained my ankle last week saturday but it's finally getting better. It still aches and it doesn't have it's full flexibilty when I walk, but I made it to church on sunday (with crutches) and bible study wednesday night.
The devil is not gonna keep me down! :D

As for the shop, I just added a couple zipper pouches the other day and I plan to add more by the end of next week. I've been trying to think of new things to add, so we'll see how that goes.

What has everyone else been doing? Sewing or crafting anything new lately?

Oh, I'll be having a Valentine's Day Giveaway in February, so stay tuned for that! :)

♥ Ciao,

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