Friday, March 4, 2011

How was everyone's friday?

My friday was spent at home. Folded the basket of clothes from the dyrer...played and took a nap with Mimi. :P

It was raining off and on today. It was storming last night! Strong wind and huge drops of rain woke us up around 3:30am. I didn't go back to sleep until after 4am. Ugh... >_<"

The Ewa side of the island didn't have power today after 15 utility poles crashed down early this morning, and some parts still don't. What makes everything worse is that HECO (Hawaiian Electric Company) workers went on strike today knowing there are hundreds of people without electricity. >_<"

I feel bad for the people who are suffering because of this and I just thank God that we still have power over here.

I pray tomorrows weather is all sunshine because Bub has a soccer game in the morning. I think he'll be disappointed if his game is canceled. We'll see......(fingers crossed).

The Mystery Giveaway winner will be announced sometime tomorrow!! :D

♥ Ciao,

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