Monday, March 14, 2011

{Made by Me} Monday

[Made by Me] Monday - Coin Purses & a Bat Zombie

Tonight I made a bunch of coin purses.

Made a few "Love Japan" coin purses for the Etsy shop. The letters didn't come out how I wanted them to, but I guess it adds a grungy look to it.

I also made coin purses for Bub and Mimi. They collect loose change they find around the house and G-Ma told them to ask mommy to make coin purses for them. So I did. :P

Whenever I sew, the kids always ask me to make them something. So tonight I told Bub to draw something and I would try and make it. So he did. He drew a "Bat Zombie". And mommy had to create it. LOL! >_< came out pretty good. The wings are a little big though. =/

Mimi wants a kangaroo. Hmmm.....we'll see how that turns out. O_o


Here is Mimi's Kangaroo. It turned out......cute. :P

♥ Ciao,

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  1. Aw your bat zombie is adorable and I'm sure he's gonna love it! Especially since it was handmade by you from one of his drawings! Great job, everything looks super cute ^_^