Saturday, February 26, 2011

Go Black Tigers!!

Today was Bub's first soccer game. He did really good. He didn't score any goals, but his team won.
4 - 1. Whoohoo! :D

Finally made it to the post office today. Sent out a bunch of tag and swaps for SB. :)

I also received a few things in the mail today.
Including this guy. Isn't he cute? >_<

♥ Ciao,


  1. I'm new to swap-bot and so far love it, even though I was flaked on my first swap. You are my partner for the Flat rate fabric envelope. I hope you enjoy all the fabrics I stuffed in it.

  2. It's fun isn't it? Very addicting. lol!
    I've received a few late ones, but haven't been flaked on yet. *knocks on wood* It's a bummer to be flaked on your first swap. =/
    Well, I can't wait to receive the package from you! :)
    Take Care!