Saturday, March 3, 2012

Happy Girl's Day

So, for Girl's Day I usually make homemade mochi,
but this year I didn't have time to do it.

I just spent time with the kids. I took them to Ala Moana.
We went to the Disney Store. They were having this "Disney Quest"
game for the kids to play, and they got a little puzzle as the prize.

After that we just ate lunch, then I took them to get shave ice
at the Shimazu Store down the road from our house.
They have the best shave ice! Better than Matsumoto's in my opinion.


My dad came over later to cut Bub's hair. It was getting kinda long
and he said he had a hard time seeing in Kenpo.
I also decided to cut Mimi's hair. This was the first time I ever cut the
length of her hair. I cut her bangs before, but never the length.
It's a little shorter than what I wanted, but it'll grow.


  1. cute photos.xx

  2. sweet. I wish I have girls to celebrate girls' day with. Your kids are so adorable. Mimi looks really pretty just like mommy. Shaved ice is my favorite, we call it ice kachang here.


    1. aww...thanks! :) shave ice is a weekly treat for us. lol!