Thursday, March 1, 2012

Quick OOTD

Here is a quick OOTD.

Mimi wanted to be in the picture too.
She is standing on her princess stool. :)

So, here is my outfit. We just went out to grab some lunch.
Not wearing anything fancy.
Bright Pink Tank: Walmart $4.97
Shorts: Ross $10.99
Grey Cardigan: Old Navy (on sale) $8.99
Sunglasses: F21 $5.80
Bag: Borrowed

Total Cost of Outfit: $30.75


  1. what a summery outfit! Is it very hot in hawaii now? I like wearing shorts too especially jeans. MiMi is so cute I wish I have a girl.


    1. It's pretty much hot most of the time here in hawaii, but lately the weather has been bipolar. lol! It sunny, then it pours. It's humid, then there's a nice cool breeze. lol! It's weird, but I love living here. :)