Monday, April 25, 2011


How was everyone's weekend?

Did you spend time with family? Go to church? Eat a lot of yummy food? Hunt for eggs? Color eggs?

All of the above? :)

Today Mimi and I helped my mom and sis at the shop. Then we picked up my grandpa and went to visit my nana(grandma). My mom takes him every monday. Then we went to the mall to eat lunch.

They have a little train that goes around the mall and Mimi actually went by herself. She doesn't usually like to do that sort of thing, but she did. Probably because mommy was walking behind the train. lol! :P

We also went to the post office and then to the NEX. Bought some cute felt embelishments, stamps, alphabet/number tablets for Mimi to practice writing, and a cute Spottie Dottie coin purse. :)

Oh, I also got to sew something today.

I made a small reversible drawstring bag.! :P

♥ Ciao,

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