Thursday, February 16, 2012

January/February Thrift Haul

Hi there! :)

I love love love thrifting. Who doesn't?

Here are some things I got so far this year.
I'm sorry that there are no pictures of the clothes on actually people, lol!
I'm working on that. Kinda hard when I don't really have anyone
to takes pictures of me. I may invest in a tripod? Hmm....maybe. lol!

Most of the things I get are from Savers. But, there are a couple
things from Goodwill.

Anyway, on to the clothes....

I love thrifting for myself, as well as for my kids.
Here are some things I got for them.

Gap Navy/White Cardigan: $3.99 - Mossimo Jean Button Down: $1.99
H&M Red/White Polka Dot Dress: $3.99 - Girl2Girl Peach Bow Romper: $4.99
Volcom Button Down: $2.00 - Black Button Down: $2.00

And a bunch of things for me. :)

Covington Black/Peach Floral Top: $5.99 - Forever21 Cheetah Print Top: $5.99
Covington Silk Peach Top: $6.99 - New York & Company Button Down: $5.99
Seridan Square Sheer Pleated Top: $7.99 - Mossimo Sheer Blue Top: $6.99
Notations Baby Pink Top: $6.99 - Ashley Maroon "Jacket": $5.99
Everly Grey Tank: $4.99 - Merona Light Purple Button Down: $6.99

And shoes.....You can't forget about the shoes! lol!

Dollhouse Wedges: $3.00

Fioni Peek Toe Sling Backs: $5.99

Michael Kors White Flats: $14.99

I've been really into the sheer or silk tops and pastels,
which is perfect for this coming spring and summer! :)

I see lots of people who post their thrifty finds on blogs or on youtube
and it seems that the mainland thrift stores are kinda cheaper then the
ones here in Hawaii. They find amazing things for a dollar? Seriously? lol.
That's okay though. The stuff is still pretty cheap compared
to what they would be in actual retail stores.
So I'm happy. :)


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  1. Cool! I love going thrifting, but the places here SUCK! Only once in a while I find something cool.