Wednesday, February 15, 2012

January Sewing and Refashion

I didn't post any of the things I refashioned (upcycled) and sewn last month.
Just thought I'd share them with you now. :)

Refashioned my old sweater for Mimi. Added Lace in the front.

I bought this muumuu from savers and knew I wanted to make it into a top for myself.
I saved the bottom and made a halter dress for Mimi. :)
(Sorry no before pic.)

Now for sewing...
I made this henley inspired shirt for Mimi.
Love the little bow in the back.

Here is a simple tank I made with a polka dot pocket.
Love it.

And some yoga pants.

And last but not least, this cordoroy vest and shorts.

I haven't sewn anything in a couple of weeks, and I'm itching to make something.
Hmm.....what can I sew? What can I refashion? ;)


  1. your refashions are fantastic, I'm like wowing non-stop! Little touches make tremendous transformations! The muu muu refashion is my favorite and using the left over to make a dress for your daughter is simply brilliant! You should link up at Recycled Fashion Finds and share these fabulous ideas with everyone.


  2. Wow, Thankyou for sharing these with recycled fashion finds, you are very talented, and your little girl is so cute!